DynaPro Cold & Hot Reusable Compress

DynaPro Cold & Hot Reusable Compress

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This reusable hot cold pack is a compress designed for relief of aches and pains, reduction of swelling and alleviation of muscle cramps.

If kept in the freezer, it will function as a reusable cold pack that delivers cold therapy to reduce blood flow to injured areas and help ease pain and swelling. Many health care providers recommend using ice packs for injuries that cause bleeding. The cold temperature causes blood vessels to contract and therefore reduces the bleeding. Cold therapy is also appropriate in the first couple of days after suffering an acute injury.

This gel pack may also be used as a cooling pad by those required to work or play in hot and/or humid conditions, such as may be encountered in summer.

If warmed in a microwave oven , the reusable hot cold pack will provide heat therapy that will promote blood flow through injured soft tissues and therefore help to accelerate healing. Heat therapy is appropriate for treatment of chronic injuries. They are also a good choice for home treatment after the pain and swelling experienced in the immediate aftermath of an acute injury have started to subside.

Users should be careful to always wrap this reusable hot cold gel pack in a towel or other insulating material before holding it against the bare skin. Failing to do so can result in skin damage.

DynaPro Cold & Hot Reusable Compress

Reusable Hot Cold Pack – Cautions

  • Do not heat this pack in microwave for more than the recommended time of 55 seconds. Excessive heating may cause it to rupture and leak;
  • Heating time may need to be adjusted due to differences between microwave ovens;
  • Do not apply this compress directly to the skin;
  • Use only as directed;
  • If circulatory problems are suspected or know, do not use this gel compress before consulting a physician;
  • This product is non toxic, but is not intended to be eaten;
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.


  • Put reusable hot cold pack in your freezer for at least one hour prior to use;
  • Remove compress from freezer, wrap in cloth and apply to injured area for pain relief;
  • After use, return the compress to the freezer for future gel ice pack use.
  • Lay reusable gel pack flat in microwave. Heat at full power (1200 watts) for 55 seconds;
  • Remove from microwave and check for desired temperature. Please note that temperature will continue to rise slightly after removal from microwave;
  • If additional heat is desired, return to microwave and heat in 10 second increments;
  • Remove from microwave.Wrap in towel or cloth and apply to injured area;
  • Store therapy pack at room temperature for future use.

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