Joma Top Flex 301 AG/TF Boots

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Cleats Joma Top Flex made of flexible high quality leather. On the inner surface, nylon is used, which has high quality and strength. The sole is made according to Flexo technology, which provides an ergonomic design of the lines of the bends of the foot for a smooth transition from heel to toe during contact with the surface.

The Joma Top Flex 301 AG/TF Boots. Available now at Soccer Maxx
It combines flexibility with grip and stability. It is flexible until you need it to be stable. Upper manufactured on high quality leather which stands out for its flexibility. The inner lining is of high-quality, resistant, nylon. It includes PROTECTION technology at the toecap to reinforce its resistance and stability for striking.

The Joma Top Flex 301 AG/TF Boots
  •  Protection system protects the sock from external impacts
  •  Pressed EVA footbed
  •  EVA upper sole for optimal shock absorption and shock absorption when in   contact with the surface
  •  The sole is improved with the Rotation system
  •  Durability technology makes the outsole resistant to abrasion with high-   strength rubber
  •  The Pulsor system provides the necessary shock absorption
  •  Color Shown: Black/White
  •  Product Code: TOPW.301.PT

Insole manufactured using natural EVA contributing to the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact. Pre-shaped EVA lining insole that adjusts to the shape of the foot.

Sole made using DURABILITY technology, that thanks to its highly resistant rubber, slows down wear and tear and extends the working life of the shoe. The sole has a series of flex lines using Flexo technology, consisting of ergonomically designed lines providing enhanced transition from heel to toe at every step. At the heel they only allow the sole to flex, without affecting the upper, thus providing a better grip and allowing for a more natural and comfortable tread. It also includes the ROTATION system, a geometric structure located on the sole assisting rotatory turns. It prevents injuries mainly to the knee and ankle. The sole TURF PHYLON 2015 is made pre-moulded phylon 45 Shora. It is sectioned in two densities, softer at the toe-cap and harder mid foot. It includes the PULSOR technology, a cushioning system comprising a piece of gel absorbing foot strike and favouring momentum.

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