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Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior J Storelli
Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior J Storelli

Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior

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 Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior


Hardcore hip protection and hidden knee-pads to stop cuts and bruises, these  Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior look like they belong to a super-hero ready to stop an army of enemies. The  Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior provide unrivalled impact protection thanks to the high performance polyurethane foam. With built-in hip protection and hidden knee pads, these soccer goalkeeper pants are designed to offer goalkeepers an extra level of protection without compromising on range of motion or performance.


Storelli proudly uses superior Poron XRD material, which has been tested to the highest degree of efficiency. This high performance polyurethane foam provides extreme protection from impact and abrasion on all key areas of your lower body. Padded protection is provided on both thighs, knees, and hips.


The  Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior are constructed from a breathable, moisture wicking compression fabric which keeps you col, optimizing comfort and performance.



  1. Impact Resistant:
    • Provides extreme padded protection on both thighs and knees from custom gradient-molded EVA thigh pad polyurethane foam on the hip, coupled with a 5mm polyurethane knee pad to stop cuts, abrasions and bruises
  2. Lightweight:
    • The premium moisture wicking fabric and compression fit of the  Storelli ExoShield GK 3/4 Pants Junior optimizes comfort and breathability, while enabling an aggressive look that will make your opponents wish they never played against you
  3.  Flexible:
    • Proprietary design maximizes range of leg motion; proprietary knee pad design keeps pad comfortably in place at all times
  4. Anti-bacterial:
    • Blocks germs and odours with anti-microbial fabrics.


Fit: Sleek, comfortable fit without compromising performance.