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Storelli BodyShield GK Shorts BSGKSLIDERBK
Storelli BodyShield GK ShortsStorelli BodyShield GK Shorts

Storelli BodyShield GK Shorts

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Storelli BodyShield GK Shorts


Base-layer goalkeeper compression shorts designed to provide the hard-core protection needed during practices or when playing on hard surfaces, while still conforming closely to the body for maximum comfort and an aggressive armored look. The Storelli BodyShield GK Shorts are a perfect choice if you’re looking for functional, non invasive, protective compression shorts.



  1. Impact Resistant:
    • Up to 6mm of custom-gradient molded EVA foam provides protection from the most rugged fields, so you can stop worrying about getting hurt and play your hardest. Integrated cup pocket for additional protection (cup not included)
  2. Lightweight:
    • The Storelli BodyShield GK Shorts are made from premium moisture wicking compression fabric that conforms closely to your body, optimizing comfort and breathability
  3.  Flexible:
    • We designed these shorts specifically for the needs of soccer goalkeepers—with the flexibility to maximize your range of motion while still providing heavy-duty protection